Case Studies

Culvert Rehabilitation

Wyandot County Culvert, Crawford Township, Ohio

Situation: Twin culverts beneath Route 23, south east of Route 103 in Adrian, Ohio (Wyandot County) were damaged, filling with debris and water and needed to be repaired in order to avoid future erosion and potential replacement. Miller Brothers Construction removed the decaying ends of both 96" diameter concrete culvert pipes and replaced them. Following the replacement, the new and existing culverts (totaling 640') needed to be preserved in order to prevent future erosion and extend the overall service life of the structure.

Erosion Control

Reinforcement of Lakefront Bluffs - Lake Erie

Situation: A homeowner along the shore of Lake Erie in Lakewood, Ohio desiredGeotech Services erosion control 1 to make better use of the bluff behind his home on the lake. The homeowner desired to create a balcony that partly cantilevered outward over the top of the bluff. They needed a foundation in the face of the slope between the home and the lake that would support the vertical weight and wind loads of the deck.


Thomas J. McCall Memorial Bridge

Situation: A span of the Pennsylvania Route 209 was slated for McCall Bridge Micropilesrehabilitation in 2014 on the Thomas J. McCall Memorial Bridge over the Lehigh River, Lehigh Canal and Norfolk Southern rail line in Franklin Township, Lehighton and Weissport boroughs, Canal County. The project involved deck repairs, replacing deck joints, back walls and steel bearings, concrete and steel repairs and the removing and replacing of one pier. The work being done on the bridge would add weight to the deck and would therefore require enhancement of the foundation for the original pier.



Compaction Grouting

Norfolk Southern Railway

Situation: Norfolk Southern Railway operates a 'hump yard' in Bellevue, Ohio andCompaction grouting-Norfolk Southern their growing rail shipment business has prompted a need to significantly increase the capacity of this facility. As part of this expansion of the yard, the designers included a prophylactic step of increasing strength and density beneath the surface to stabilize the ground. The remedy is compaction grouting of the portion of the site expected to experience the most traffic.




Civil Construction

City of Independence Sewer Repair


Situation: There was a storm drainage problem caused by an under-capacity of the existing storm sewer outlet at the new Cleveland Cavaliers training facility built in Independence.  We discovered the reduced pipe capacity because of hard debris in bottom third of pipe.  The pipe could not be cleaned with standard equipment and methods. The blockage was located approximately 300 linear feet downstream from the manhole. The storm line went through private property and was under concrete pavement approximately twenty (20) inches thick and tied into a larger outlet pipe without a manhole.

Concrete Pavement Rehabilitation

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

Situation: Officials at Cleveland Hopkins Cleveland Hopkins HDPInternational Airport were receiving pilot complaints regarding a depression on a section of one of the main runways causing bumpy take offs and landings. The area was professionally surveyed and it was determined that the dip measured approximately 4 inches over a 150' x 150' area. Geotech Services, Inc. was called in to evaluate the problem and offer a solution to underseal, stabilize and level the pavement. Geotech recommended and used High Density Polyurethane (HDP) technology to correct the issue.

Culvert Lining

Ohio Turnpike Commission

Culvert PipeSituation: The spring line of an existing 54 inch corrugated metal pipe was corroded badly on the Ohio Turnpike (western Ohio) and there was little cover between the culvert and the road pavement. If the road would collapse due to the failing culvert, the motoring public would have to endure open cutting  all 4 lanes of the Ohio turnpike.

Rock Anchors

U.S. Department of Homeland Security - Marblehead, Ohio U.S. Coast Guard Station

Marblehead, Ohio

Situation: Ryba Marine Construction Company had a contract to deepen the basin at the USCG Station at Marblehead, Ohio. Geotech Services was called in secure the pedestals of the existing docks so that they would remain structurally sound while Ryba excavated through rock to increase the draft of the basin.

Micro Piles

Carmeuse Lime and Stone

Micro Piles

Situation: A barge dock previously installed for the Carmeuse Lime and Stone aggregate quarry in Port Inland, Michigan had been compromised by a water main break. Conventional tiebacks could not be reinstalled. Geotech Services engineers worked with Krech Ojard & Associates of Duluth & Eau Clair, Wisconsin to develop an approach to return the dock to its original working capacity.

Soil Anchors

American Electric Power

american electric power soil anchorSituation: There was a need to install a temporary dock for American Electric Power Company so that some very large components for the power plant could be delivered by barge from the other end of the river to keep the project on schedule. These essential components were oversized and were needed to help meet EPA regulations for pollution control. They couldn't be transported by land. The only way to get them in place was via the river.

Soil Anchors

Main Street Bridge, Columbus, Ohio

main st bridge sooil anchorSituation: Excavation for the abutments of the Main Street Bridge over the Scioto River in Columbus had to go approximately 15 feet below the river level. Kokosing Construction awarded the project to Geotech Services Inc. and  engineers from both companies worked together to design the temporary support of the perimeter of the bridge abutment foundations.

Soil Nail Wall

Cleveland Museum of Art

Drilling Soil at CMA

Situation: The Cleveland Museum of Art demolished an early 1900's building to replace it with a new structure. Needed a way to support the floor slabs and caisson foundations and still allow for ample space for the excavation of the new building. It was mandatory to protect the deep foundation while construction was being done on the new structure. They needed to go down 46 feet deep, immediately next to the existing building. Geotech Services engineers worked with Independence Excavating's team to develop the soil nail design as an alternative to the originally proposed retention system.

Fairview Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

Situation: Marous Brothers Construction was awarded the excavation contract on a new ICU expansion of Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio in November 2011. Marous was working closely with the Project Manager, Turner Construction. Geotech Services was called on to provide temporary earth retention of the north and south walls. The timeline was tight and the project had its challenges, but all organizations worked well together.

The excavation of approximately 18 feet was limited on three sides, the west end abutted Lorain Avenue on the north side and the primary patient access road to the hospital on the south foundations of the building.

Erosion Control Fabric Formed Concrete

Fort Martin Power Station

Fort Martin 3Situation: Fort Martin was experiencing uncontrolled runoff of contaminated rain water from the gypsum stockpile storage area. The perimeter collection ditch was installed to collect the runoff and channel it to a controlled treatment area. The Fabric form channel liner was needed to prevent surface erosion and to prevent exfiltration of the untreated runoff water.

Cellular Concrete Void Fill

CVS Pharmacy

Cellular Concrete ISituation: General contractor Fortney & Weygandt discovered an issue that they had with a sagging interior  floor slab in the Office area of a CVS Pharmacy. Forntey's crew had removed a piece of floor slab to inspect the plumbing in a bathroom area and discovered a void area below the floor slab approximately 2 ½ feet deep by 6 ft wide by 30 ft. long.

Compaction Grouting

Ohio Department of Transportation - Canton, Ohio

Compaction Grouting II ODOT 119Situation: A substantial dip of several inches in the pavement had developed at north end of north bound I-77 bridge deck that coincided with a NB ramp from US Route 30 onto I-77 in Canton, Ohio.

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