Earth Retention by Geotech Services, Inc.

Rock and Soil AnchorsRock Anchor Installation

Rock and soil anchors can be either steel tendons drilled and grouted into place, or helical anchors screwed into the soil formation.


  • Tieback Anchors are used to support retaining walls for mass excavation & earth retention.
  • They are able to support a wall without interfering with foundation construction.
  • Tiebacks can be used for temporary excavation support or permanent retaining structures.

Helical AnchorsHelical Anchor II

Helical Pier Systems are used to stabilize and support new or existing structures when unstable soil conditions cause foundations to sink resulting in cracked walls and sloped floors.


  • Settled foundations can be stabilized & lifted back into position by installing A.B. Chance Helical Piers.
  • New foundations proposed on weak soils can be supported with new construction piers.
  • This system is engineered to be installed to a certain depth determined by hydraulic torque.